Saturdays & Sundays 10:30 am


Salt Factory Pub

It’s a restaurant-slash-pub with a penchant for gastronomic matchmaking.

There are restaurants. There are bars. And then there is Salt Factory Pub, a restaurant-pub mashup with a menu full of mouthwatering food-and-drink match ups.

Located in historic downtown Roswell, every menu item at Salt Factory can be perfectly complemented by a cocktail, ale, or wine. Steamed mussels sautéed in a rich chipotle cream sauce are matched with their signature champagne cocktail – the Bellini Dream. Not-your-everyday burgers are matched with not-your-everyday beers. Trust us…these pairings were made in heaven.

Salt Factory’s menu will leave your mouth watering until your next visit (which you’ll start planning while you’re there).


Steamed Mussels

Salt Factory’s signature appetizer combines steamed Prince Edward Island mussels with a rich chipotle cream sauce, shallots, tomatoes and cilantro. Pair this one with a Bellini Dream and thank us later.

Shepherd’s Pie

This comfort food favorite is also a Salt Factory favorite. A traditional dish of lamb, corn, green beans, mushrooms, and a savory cheddar-potato puree, this is a Shepherd’s Pie in the heavenly sky. Pair it with their signature Salt Martini and be prepared for a soul-satisfying experience.

The Steakhouse Burger

One of Steak’s Salt Factory picks is the Steakhouse Burger. (Coincidence? Maybe…) Brasstown Beef cooked to order and topped with local pepper bacon, cheddar cheese, an over easy egg, crispy fried onions, and Salt Factory’s homemade steak sauce. Pair this guy up with a Belgian ale and you may never leave this place.