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Henry’s Louisiana Grill

During season 1 of our show, we asked our friends on Facebook, “Where should we go for season 2?” The #1 response, and it wasn’t close, was Henry’s Louisiana Grill in Acworth. So we went there.

Chef Henry is a super star. Imagine Dennis Hopper mixed with a little of Jeff Bridges’ The Dude. A little bit crazy, a lot talented, and a huge personality. And the food at his Louisiana Grill? Well, it’s a little bit crazy, has a lot of flavor, and a huge personality. And it’s Henry’s personality that brought the neighborhood together to paint, scrape, and generally lend a hand to open the restaurant in 2000.

This award-winning Bayou-style eaterie on historic Acworth’s Main Street serves up all the classic fare you’d expect from a place with Louisiana in its name: we’re talking etouffee, po’ boys, shrimp and grits, and jambalaya; but you’ll also find filet mignon medallions,New York strip steak, and grilled center-cut pork chops that rival any of the city’s celebrated steakhouses.


Jumbo Seared Scallops

This is the dish that Henry cooked for ABC Nightline’s Platelist Award. Medium-rare pan-seared or blackened scallops over fried spinach with crumbles of blue cheese and sweet soy molasses.

New Orleans Style Po’ Boy

Po’ boys are a thin line to walk between awesome and awful. All it takes is a little too much breading on the shrimp, or too much bread in the sandwich, or too little shrimp, too much remoulade…it’s a high-wire act, to be sure, and at Henry’s they do it without a net. Because it’s just right. Every. Single. Time.

Very Southern BBQ Ribs

Aside from cut grass and burning charcoal, there are few scents that evoke summer memories faster than the smell of BBQ sauce, especially when it’s slathered on top of baby back ribs, boosted with chipotle pepper seasoning, and delivered with a mound of creamy mashed potatoes.