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Lure: To attract or entice. By Merriam-Webster’s definition, Lure, Fifth Group Restaurants’ Midtown fish house, is aptly named.

Like Ecco and Alma Cocina, two of Fifth Group’s other Midtown restaurants, Lure boasts a gigantic bar which is great for dining with a friend or two, or sampling some delicious craft cocktails. The restaurant itself deftly bridges the gap between elegant fine dining and friendly, accessible, low-key dinner. Stylish but approachable, Lure is the George Clooney of Atlanta’s restaurant scene.

Obviously, this being a fish house, the menu is heavy on the seafood, and you’re going to find some of the freshest fish in the city in Lure’s kitchen. And if your preference is for oysters or calamari…then Crescent Avenue in Midtown is where you need to be.

Breakers Korean BBQ

The Korean BBQ scene is booming in Atlanta, but Breaker’s is really setting them ahead of the pack. The restaurant has adapted technology so the interactions between the waiters and patrons happen at the push of a button. We were salivating at the parade of marinated short ribs, fresh seafood, and indulgent pork belly coming from the kitchen. The side dishes are just as jaw dropping as the proteins; your meal comes with homemade kimchi, rice paper and radish wrappers, soup, salad, and fresh vegetables too! Less than a year old, Breakers has already made a lasting impression in the Atlanta restaurant world.

Nikolai’s Roof

Anybody who watches Atlanta Eats knows that the city is filled with countless outstanding neighborhood restaurants, but sometimes you want to take it up a level…to one of those beautiful classy spots that you feel transported the minute you walk in. Nikolai’s Roof serves up classy caviar and sure-fire martinis, but how about an outstanding rack of lamb, a delicious duck breast and the perfect steak. Located in Downtown Atlanta on the top of the Hilton hotel, Nikolai’s Roof provides a view like nothing else in the city.

King and Duke

Renowned restaurateur has hit another home run with King & Duke. Chef Joe Schafer is manning the kitchen and bringing his love of open flame cooking to Buckhead, with ribeyes for two and a decor that is breathtaking.

When you first walk into King & Duke, you feel like you have stepped into an editorial spread for Garden & Gun. Everything screams ‘this is how man was supposed to eat.’. After lingering at the bar, you’ll immediately be drawn to the roaring fire in the kitchen. And this is truly where the magic happens at King & Duke. With perfectly roasted game and bubbling bone marrow, you’ll want everything you see.

So, go ahead and take a seat. Raise your glass and order to your heart’s content. After all, this is how you were meant to eat.

Holeman & Finch Public House

We can’t guarantee that Matty Ice will get us to the Super Bowl, or that you won’t get a parking ticket in your own driveway. But we can absolutely, 1000%, without a doubt guarantee that Holeman & Finch Public House will be packed to the brim by 10 pm any night of the week. Well, except on Sundays when they close at 3 pm.

10 pm is a magical time for the city of Atlanta. It’s when chef Linton Hopkins, chef and owner of Holeman & Finch, unleashes exactly 24 of his famous, handcrafted, nothing-quite-like-it-in-the-world double patty cheeseburgers. It’s an unpretentious burger, served simply with hand-cut fries and the chef’s homemade ketchup. But it’s probably the best burger you’ll ever eat.

Hint: Don’t stroll up at 9:55 pm expecting to sink your teeth into a burger. The burgers are all spoken for long before the “Burger Time” bullhorn sounds. We suggest arriving sometime during the early evening and making a night of it. Grab a beer at the bar with your buddies, sample some of their creative cocktails, secure a few burgers, and order a few apps while you wait.

Start with a few small plates. We recommend the Deviled Eggs Three Ways or the Pork Sandwich, which is more like a slider. The Charcuterie Board is another Holeman & Finch bestseller. Stacked high with meats and cheeses galore, it’s a can’t-be-missed charcuterie.

And while Holeman & Finch may be famous for its burger, the rest of the menu is equally mouthwatering. Entrees range from Fried Oysters to Farm Egg and Pancetta Carbonara, and – we promise – won’t disappoint.

One more hint: The burger is a staple on the Sunday brunch menu. So if you fail to make it to “burger time,” you have a chance to redeem yourself every Sunday afternoon.

St. Cecilia

Ford Fry has opened some of the most beautiful restaurants in the city. And his latest is no exception. St. Cecilia has become the hottest table in town with it’s stunning interior and a menu to match. It’s the power lunch spot, happy hour with the girls and the perfect date night. From crudo to freshly made pasta, one bite or sip and you’ll immediately want to come back.

Lucky’s Burgers & Brew

Inspired by the owner’s Golden Retriever, Lucky, this Roswell hotspot has a pet-friendly patio with a person-friendly bar (which is always stocked to the max with ice-cold beer). Famous for their burgers, there’s no better place to have a drink, have some fun, and watch the game with your best friend.

But, as pet-friendly as this place is, your dog is NOT allowed (we repeat, is NOT allowed) to help you tackle the Burger Challenge.

The Burger Challenge. A four pound all-beef patty. A pound of bacon. Six fried eggs. A whole order of fried onion rings. Stacked and layered in a specially made bun. And only one hour to eat it. All.

Mara watched a table come, see, and fail to conquer. Steak thinks he coulda had them beat.

The Burger Challenge isn’t for the light of heart. Or weight. The rest of the menu, however, is filled with crowd-pleasing classics that keep people coming back time and time again.

No. 246

First, Chef Drew Belline is a genius and we bet he could probably survive for weeks, probably months in the wild, such is his familiarity with forageable (it’s a word now) foods.

Second, Chef Drew’s particular passion for the sustainable, organic, and “we made this here so we know what’s in it” is the driving force behind the menu at No. 246.

The first item on the dinner menu is house-made ricotta. The pasta section is house made, too, including the ravioli. Almost everything else is sourced locally, from the Georgia white shrimp to the Sweetgrass Dairy goat cheese and north Georgia trout.

The restaurant itself brings to mind Italian countryside ristorantes, the kind that have been owned and operated by the same family since the renaissance. Luckily for us though, No. 246 is located right in the heart of Decatur.

Preview – Episode 809

We’re featuring Gas South’s “Hot Spots” on Atlanta Eats this weekend! Join us as we visit 3 of chef Ford Fry’s renowned Atlanta restaurants. First, we arrive in Buckhead for St. Cecilia, where diners enjoy European coastal fare and craft cocktails in the stunning Peachtree Road restaurant space. Next, we drive around the corner it’s King + Duke where every dish is cooked on an open fire hearth, creating a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Finally, we try No.246 in Decatur, where seasonal ingredients dictate what’s on the Italian-inspired menu.
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Best Thing We Ate Last Week


You could say it’s always a feeding frenzy at Atlanta Eats’ HQ, but to us it’s just another hard day’s work. We’re sharing the best things we ate last week to give you some food inspiration for the week ahead. Check out AtlantaEatsTV oInstagramFacebook, and Twitter for a constant stream of pictures if this doesn’t quite cure your food porn fix…

Cheesy Poofs from Grindhouse Killer Burgers (on Piedmont)

You’ve heard the Cronut (croissant + donut = Cronut), but after eating many baskets of cheesy poofs, we think they are a killer food combination on their own. Our theory, pimento cheese + hushpuppy = cheesy poofs. They sound great but trust us, they taste even better. Never order a burger without priming your taste buds with an order of these golden brown beauties.

Grindhouse Cheesy Poofs 600x400

Griddled Cornbread from Buttermilk Kitchen (Buckhead)

The more butter, the better- right? Our sentiments exactly. The cornbread at Buttermilk Kitchen is obviously made from scratch and packed with all locally sourced, high quality ingredients so the fresh-out-of-the-oven flavor is already enough to put you in a euphoric mood. They take it to the next level to griddle the thick slice of cornbread then add a pad of their house-churned butter. This is stick to your ribs delicious, especially if you’ve had a late night out the night before.

Buttermilk Kitchen 600x400

Bulgogi Cheesesteak from Breakers Express BBQ (Conyers)

We try to mix it up now and again from the classic southern staples and Breakers Express is the ultimate diversion. Their menu combines American classics with Korean BBQ people can’t get enough of. The go-to order? Their Bulgogi Philly Cheesesteak. The meat is seasoned just like their Breakers Korean Bar-B-Q counterpart and the cheese melted over the grilled meat immediately validates your choice of order. There are 4 locations around Atlanta so find one closest to you here!

Breakers Philly 600x400

Did I make you hungry? Lucky for you Atlanta Eats provides the perfect workday distraction! Search our site for videos of Atlanta’s top restaurants and be sure to tune in on Peachtree TV every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.!


ITP flavor with an OTP adress, Alpharetta’s Bite is taking the town by storm. Whether you’re craving a Maine style lobster roll or a West Coast style cheeseburger, Bite will bring their distinct Southern charm to the dish. So, grab a seat, order a glass of wine and let these guys wow you.

Another Broken Egg Cafe

Established in 1996, Another Broken Egg isn’t your typical breakfast, brunch and lunch place. Our menu is second-to-none, loaded with fresh ingredients and creative recipes across a wide variety of breakfast classics, memorable brunch dishes and lunchtime favorites. And each location is designed to feel like a casual getaway with a generous side of family, friends and friendly service. Much of their success can be linked to the philosophy that “Nothing Short of Right is Right.” Each restaurant is managed by hands-on owners who believe that every detail is important to make the customer happy. So from the time you enter the front door to the time you leave the Cafe, you should feel like you’re on a relaxing vacation and as comfortable as you would be in your own home.


Grub Burger Bar

Armed with some of the freshest and most delicious ingredients, Grub Burger Bar gives you an upscale experience at a great price! A modern interpretation of an old school burger joint, Grub keeps everything consistently flavorful and exciting, from the burgers to the over-the-top desserts. With buns baked from scratch every hour, Grub’s signature burgers are truly something to be celebrated. If you have room left (if not, make some) for one of the eccentric and indulgent milkshake options. With clever menu items, eye-catching décor, a stacked bar, and some of the juiciest burgers this side of the Mississippi; Grub Burger Bar is a breath of fresh air in the Atlanta dining scene!

Atlanta Eats Honored with Four Emmy Nominations


ATLANTA (May 19, 2016)- Atlanta’s favorite food TV show and local media company kicked off spring with news that they had been nominated for four Southeast Emmy awards. The nominations further cemented their place as one of the industry leaders, locally and nationally, in original video content. All four categories speak to the proficient storytelling that Atlanta Eats has become famous for.

Founder and host, Steak Shapiro, was nominated for best Interview for his sit down with The Cake Boss (Buddy Valastro). Co-creator of Atlanta Eats, Scott Chalk, was recognized for his work in directing the short form piece, Atlanta Drinks. In addition, Atlanta Eats garnered nominations for best Magazine show in the southeast, Dish Worth The Drive and for best short form brand story for Sierra Nevada Brewery.

Southeast Emmy Winners to be announced at Southeast Emmy Award Gala on Saturday, June 11th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Atlanta Eats Emmy Nominations:

Interview- Steak Shapiro and The Cake Boss

Magazine – Dish Worth The Drive

Interstitial- Sierra Nevada

Director Short Form- Scott Chalk, Atlanta Drinks

Atlanta Eats Hidden Gem: Hankook Taqueria

Remember the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercials? The one where the guy is walking down the street eating a chocolate bar and the woman walking towards him is eating peanut butter and they clumsily bump into each other only to discover the ecstasy of combining peanut butter and chocolate? This must have been Tomas Lee’s experience when he first collided the worlds of Korean and Mexican cooking. The result: Hankook Taqueria, a classic hole-in-the-wall located northwest side of Atlanta in Underwood Hills.

Hankook Outside View 600x400

Street view of Hankook Taqueria

Atlanta’s reaction? The same fervent joy as eating a Korean-Mexican Reese’s Cup.

A highly-skilled Culinary Institute of America-trained chef who cooked for 12 years at the venerable Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, Lee applied his considerable cooking prowess to his Mexican-Korean invention when he opened Hankook. “The inspiration came from the versatility of both Korean and Mexican foods,” says Lee. “Taquerias play a special role in the Los Angeles food scene and I felt Atlanta really needed something like that.”

Hankook Burrito Line 600x400

Burrito-making at the Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant

Operating out of a tiny, austere shack with counter service, lines queue up before lunch and stay throughout the day into the evening. Parking, as well as seating, frequently clogs up but somehow even in the heat of the lunchtime rush, the crowds move through with impressive efficiency.

The main building block at Hankook are the tacos: warm flour tortillas enveloping explosively flavorful ingredients like chicken (dak gogi in Korean), pulled pork (dae ji gogi), panko-crusted tilapia (saeng seon) and fried calamari to name a few. Many of the meats are marinated in a spicy, tangy Korean sauce, the fish in a hoisin tartar sauce, giving them an unmistakable Asian flavor. The tacos are dressed in lettuce tossed in a soy sesame vinaigrette with cilantro, lime and Jack cheese. The flour tortillas wrap it all up and act as a launch pad for a fresh, flavorful explosion.

Korean tacos at Hankook Taqueria

Korean tacos at Hankook Taqueria

Massive pillow-sized burrito versions of the tacos also exist; the include the same ingredients as the tacos but are also stuffed with a zesty and savory kimchee fried rice. Quite simply: they are like nothing you have tasted before.

Calamari burrito at Hankook Taqueria

Calamari burrito at Hankook Taqueria

Lee also offers a variety of “street snacks,” artful fusions of Korean and Mexican classics including sesame fries tossed in sesame oil and red pepper flakes, a quesadilla with bulgogi (a Korean grilled marinated meat) and the Korean classic, Bibim-bop, a rice dish made with beef, vegetable and topped with a fried egg.

Sesame fries from Hankook Taqueria

Sesame fries from Hankook Taqueria

Lee says the Bibim Bop is his “go-to” dish explaining that “rice is fundamental in both Mexican and Korean food allowing you to explore both sides of the coin.”

“We really took two different cultures and tried to represent them in the best way possible. It’s a chef-driven concept that is fast and casual and it isn’t cookie cutter or what people expect.”

Pork dumplings from Hankook Taqueria

Pork dumplings from Hankook Taqueria

Hankook’s inspired recipes have even spread beyond its modest origins into the popular Yumbii food truck and two locations of Takorea (one in midtown and one in Dunwoody) continually bringing this cross-cultural concept to the masses.

But for the real and original experience, jump on Collier Road and head west until you see the modest environs of Hankook Taqueria, truly an Atlanta Eats Hidden Gem.

For more behind-the-scenes knowledge of Hankook Taqueria, check out their Atlanta Eats segment here. And be sure to watch Atlanta Eats every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on Peachtree TV for more of your favorite Atlanta restaurants!

Preview – Episode 808

This week on Atlanta Eats, we visit Lure in Midtown to try some of the freshest seafood this city has to offer. Then, we head to Roswell and check out Lucky’s, where they serve decadent burgers on a dog-friendly patio. Finally, we stop by Holeman & Finch in Buckhead for an inside look on their iconic burger and fries.

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Best Thing We Ate Last Week


You could say it’s always a feeding frenzy at Atlanta Eats’ HQ, but to us it’s just another hard day’s work. We’re sharing the best things we ate last week to give you some food inspiration for the week ahead. Check out AtlantaEatsTV oInstagramFacebook, and Twitter for a constant stream of pictures if this doesn’t quite cure your food porn fix…

Mashed Potatoes from Chama Gaucha (Buckhead)

After you’ve had your fill of prime meats from Buckhead’s hottest Brazilian steakhouse, you’re going to want some delicious sides to complement this over-the-top dining experience. In true Brazilian steakhouse fashion, gauchos circle the spacious dining room with unlimited selections of food, there’s a salad bar that is seemingly never ending and a piping hot dish of cheesy mashed potatoes puts your palate in a very happy place. Time to drive up Piedmont and check out this mainstay. (Psst- we just filmed here and will be airing Chama Gaucha’s segment next month!)

Chama Gaucha 600x400

Fried Chicken Sandwich from Highland Bakery (Old Fourth Ward)

Highland Bakery is known for signature indulgent items like Peanut Butter Caramelized Banana Challah French toast, Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict, Sweet Potato Pancakes…etc. Now they have added another. Their brand new Fried Chicken Sandwich isn’t your typical run of the mill sandwich. It’s hand crafted on homemade jalapeno cheddar focaccia bread, stacked with pimento cheese, buttermilk fried chicken, vine ripe tomatoes and topped with another layer of their savory bread. It’s love at first bite for this one.

Highland Bakery Fried Chicken 600x400

Margherita Pizza from Campania (Alpharetta)

In a world of pizza possibilities, we gravitate toward topping-heavy varieties and sometimes forget the understated simplicity of a margherita pizza. With only a few high quality ingredients (olive oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese & basil) it’s a difficult task to perfect them all. Campania now has a wood burning portable oven so each pie can be fresh and piping hot wherever they go! We had a pizza (or two…ok let’s be honest, three) at Taste of Alpharetta last week and we could’ve sworn we were dining in their brick and mortar location, or even Naples, Italy.

Campania 600x400

Did I make you hungry? Lucky for you Atlanta Eats provides the perfect workday distraction! Search our site for videos of Atlanta’s top restaurants and be sure to tune in on Peachtree TV every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.!

Antico Pizza

Pizza is no joke at this joint. And that’s why they’ve won, like, every award. Ever.

This could be the most decorated pizza on the planet! But when you take pizza as seriously as owner Giovanni Di Palma does, you’re bound to win a few awards. Di Palma didn’t sacrifice one detail of his family’s age-old Pizza Napoletana recipe when he brought it here to Atlanta: Fior di Latta and Mozzarella di Bufala cheeses are flown in fresh from Naples each week; San Marzano and Pomodorini tomatoes are hand-picked in Campania; three 10,000 lb. ovens were custom built from ancient Santa Maria brick and volcanic rock from Mt. Vesuvius…and get so hot that a pizza cooks to perfection in only about 60 seconds.

Yeah. A whole pizza cooks in 60 seconds. Which is great, because – trust us – the faster you can get your hands on one of Antico’s nine famous pies, the better.

We’d sell our soul for the Diavola pizza, which is made with fresh Mozzarella di Bufala, spicy sopressata, and pepperonata. Another pizza masterpiece – the San Gennaro – features fresh mozzarella, broccoli rabe, and salsiccia. The menu also includes calzones and Italian desserts.

Di Palma’s fierce loyalty to his family’s pizza-making heritage has made Antico’s pies world-famous, and a favorite among Atlantans and celebrities alike.


When first opening up Serpas wasted little time garnering national attention. GQ magazine knew what they were doing placing this instant classic well inside their top ten list of best new restaurants.

Industrialized design clashes perfectly with southern inspired American Nouveau to make this old industrial space shine with brilliant “true food.” In 1917, Atlanta was ravaged by fire, and the combination of low-income housing and an already over-extended fire department meant that the Fourth Ward was all but destroyed in an afternoon. The building that Serpas occupies on corner of Irwin and Auburn, was spared, and is the oldest brick building in Atlanta.

Chef Scott Serpas’s menu features some of the best Southern comfort food you will find with succulent exciting twists. Located squarely in the heart of the Old Fourth Ward, Serpas has become one of the hippest places to be, all while keeping the menu approachable and fresh.


Barcelona. For soccer-lovers, it’s the team that plays the most breathtaking, sublime game in the world. For art and culture-lovers, it’s the home of dozens of museums, including the Museu Picasso (which houses an extensive number of Pablo Picasso’s early works). For the residents of Inman Park, it’s a stylish tapas restaurant with a fantastic collection of Spanish wines, a beautiful patio, and an outside fireplace that makes the patio comfortably habitable in the winter.

The vibe at Barcelona is modern, it’s fast, it’s hip without being trendy, and it’s classic without making you feel like you’re in the dining car on the Orient Express. If you’re able to get a seat on the patio it’s going to be less noisy than sitting inside. But whether you dine inside or outside, the tapas menu is perfect for sharing on a date.

Want a bigger plate? Try Tile Fish la Plancha or Grilled Skirt Steak. You’ll thank us.