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8 Southern Dishes To Start Your Day With



Atlanta is a town that loves the first meal of the day. Whether it’s breakfast on a Wednesday at 8AM, brunch on Sunday at 1PM or the 2AM meal on a Saturday, we throw ourselves fully into it. It’s fried chicken, it’s grits, and oh so many biscuits. These are the 8 Southern breakfasts you have to try immediately!  

  • Comfy Chicken Biscuit Home Grown: We’ve all been there; you imbibed a bit too much on bourbon the night before and you wake up with your body screaming foul. When that happens, we head straight to this unassuming building on Memorial. Head straight to the counter and order a strong cup of coffee and the Comfy Chicken Biscuit. What you’ll get won’t be particularly photogenic, but it will be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. A made from scratch buttermilk biscuit topped with fried chicken and a whole mess of sausage gravy. That gravy will cure the worst of ailments.
  • Brisket Bowl Ria’s Bluebird: Ok, we know everyone (NY Times included), says ‘go for the pancakes!’, but for us, it’s all about the brisket bowl.  They slow roast beef for 14 hours and then shred it in a spicy broth and poach an egg in there. Served with a toasted baguette to sop up all the deliciousness. It’s completely worth the wait on the weekends.
  • Biscuit Basket 4th & Swift: The best part of almost any meal is the giant basket of carby goodness that is a bread basket. When you head to 4th and Swift for brunch, they step it up with a basket of freshly baked biscuits and pastries made in house by pastry chef Lauren Raymond. And it wouldn’t be proper if it wasn’t served with a pile of homemade jams and sweet butter. Technically this is something for the table to share, but we never really took to that particular lesson..
  • Chicken and Waffles South City Kitchen: Ok, so chicken and waffles are not Southern (seriously, look it up!), but that doesn’t mean we haven’t welcomed it into the fold and perfected it! After all, it has fried chicken and nobody can touch a Southerner’s fried chicken skill! When the chicken and waffles mood hits us, we head straight to South City Kitchen.
  • Scattered, Smothered and Covered Waffle House: Y’all know we couldn’t write this list without including some WaHo! The beacon of light for late night revelers and early birds alike, this big yellow sign draws us all in at one time or another. And while the name says we should order the waffle, really it’s all about the hashbrowns. Scattered. Smothered. Covered. Chunked. Whatever floats your boat here.
  • Chef’s Breakfast One Eared Stag: Move over mimosas, this breakfast comes with an ice cold Schlitz. Served on a tray, the contents of the Chef’s Breakfast is a constantly rotating mix of whatever the chef feels like preparing that day. Recent examples are fried chicken biscuits, donuts, bone marrow and fried quail. It will run you $22, but it’s worth every last penny.
  • Chicken Biscuit with Pepper Jelly Buttermilk Kitchen: If you’ve ever been driving down Roswell Road on a weekend morning and noticed a line coming out of a small building, no Beyonce isn’t in town, the masses are lining up at Buttermilk Kitchen. And what are they drooling for? It’s the fried chicken biscuit of course! Served on a fluffy biscuit with homemade pickles and roasted red pepper jelly, it’s so good, you won’t even have a second thought to that other chicken biscuit the cows are hawking down the road.
  • Ham & Egg Biscuit with Grits Red Eyed Mule Ham, biscuits and grits. Does not get more Southern than that for breakfast! This Marietta spot is famous for their burger (Alton Brown is fan!), but definitely stop by their breakfast. Fluffy biscuit, salty ham, airy eggs and a side of butter grits. It’s a great start to your day.  



This Fall, Get Your Bourbon On With These 8 Cocktails



Y’all, can we just have a quick chat about bourbon?  The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down and in the South (and hopefully everywhere else) that means reaching for the bourbon. Ranging from refreshing cocktails to a deeper (and boozier) taste, you are bound to find a bourbon cocktail you’ll love in this town. Below are 8 that you should keep and eye out for. 

If you’re more of a bourbon sipper and are looking for the spots with deep lists, check out this post.You’ll find some of our favorites, including H. Harper Station, Little Alley Steak and Southern Art.

So, belly up to the bar and order one of these with confidence and slight Southern drawl:


  • Roots Radicals The Pinewood: Four Roses Bourbon, Sugar Beet, Angostura, Luxardo Maraschino, Lime, Griotte Cherry
  • Autumn Evening Woodfire Grill: Wathen’s Bourbon, Amaro Nonino, Kronan Swedish punsch, Angostura bitters
  • David Hazel-hoff Local Three: Hazelnut infused Rittenhouse, Averna, spiced brown sugar syrup, orange bitters
  • Jaded Soul Seven Lamps: Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Chamomile Liqueur, Yzaguire Dry Vermouth, Lemon Bitters
  • The Third Wife Ecco: Ridgemont Reserve 1792,  a bit of orange, and some bubbling brut
  • Fireside Rye Cypress Street Pint and Plate: Bulleit rye, bourbon macerated cranberry simple syrup, ginger beer
  • Manhattan The Establishment: Bourbon, Barolo Chinato Cocchi, Bitters. Aged at least 2 weeks in White Oak Barrels
  • Cider ‘N Rye Table & Main:  Old Overholt Rye, Angry Orchards Cider, bitters


And special shout out to The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, who offers Bow Ties and Bourbon every Friday from 6 – 7 PM. While you’re sipping your Bourbon, their experts will show you how to tie the perfect bow tie. And really, outside of a nice seersucker suit, it doesn’t get much more Southern. 



Buckhead Life Ultimate Card, Ultimate Holiday Gift

Want a great idea for a holiday gift? Here’s 5 reasons why the Buckhead Life Ultimate Card is a great idea:

The Texas Caviar Your Crowd Will Love

It’s pretty easy to find a recipe that everyone “likes”, but how often do you find a recipe that everyone “REALLY LOVES”?  You know, that certain recipe people call and email you for; the dish where the serving bowl is ALWAYS scraped clean at parties and guests are asking for more. Well, if you don’t have one yet, feel free to take the recipe I’m sharing today and call it your own. It’s for Texas Caviar, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser I first discovered years ago when looking for a unique way to serve black-eyed peas at a New Year’s Day brunch I was hosting.

This Texas Caviar recipe is a tantalizing mixture of black-eyed peas, black beans, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, and Italian dressing that’s both spicy and refreshing! For parties, it pairs perfectly with tortilla chips, bread, or celery sticks AND is fantastic the next day over scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, or as an accompaniment to pork or chicken (be sure to make EXTRA for leftovers!). Even alongside fancy charcuterie platters, crab cakes I’d  labored over for hours, and elaborate cheese boards, this is always the dish that disappears first (yet, is the easiest to make!). If your crowd has a discerning palate, serve them this Texas Caviar recipe, you’re sure to get rave reviews!

Texas Caviar Recipe

½ red onion, diced
1 bell pepper (red or yellow), diced
1 bunch green onions, chopped
2 jalapeno peppers, diced
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 pint cherry tomatoes, quartered
1 (8 ounce) bottle zesty Italian dressing (or make your own)
1 (15 ounce) can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 (15 ounce) can black-eyed peas, drained and rinsed
½ teaspoon ground coriander
1 bunch chopped fresh cilantro


Mix together onion, bell pepper, green onions, jalapeno peppers, garlic, cherry tomatoes, Italian dressing, black beans, black-eyed peas, and coriander in large bowl. Cover and chill in the refrigerator approximately 2 hours. Add desired amount of fresh cilantro and serve.

Makes 16 servings

Recipe adapted from

Illegal Food Coming to Virginia Highland



Oh, happy day! Illegal Food is setting up shop. The former pop-up inside of Joystick Game Bar is taking over the former Bar Meatball space in Virginia Highland.  Fans will be happy to know that favorites including ‘The Hank’, ‘Fungus Among Us’, and ‘Nasty Nate’ will find permanent homes on the menu. They will be joined by made from scratch Southern fare made from locally sourced ingredients. Supplying partners include Brasstown Beef  and Gum Creek Farms. 

As is befitting of a Southern restaurant (and an owner hailing from Kentucky), Illegal Food will place emphasis on it’s Bourbon program; available in both cocktails and sipping. 

You can look forward to chowing down on ‘the Hank’ and sipping a Bourbon on their covered patio in early December.  Keep up with their progress via their Facebook page.

Stroll the Streets of Avalon




It’s finally here! Avalon is opening on October 31st in Alpharetta. But you can get your first taste of it on Wednesday, October 29th from 6- 10 pm at The Perfect Taste. Walk along Avalon Blvd. while enjoying wine, cocktails and the first bites of many of the restaurants that will be found at Avalon. The full list is below. 

Avalon is unique development Alpharetta that will bring acclaimed restaurants, chefs, shops and experiences to the area. There will also be office space and residential housing available. Restaurants will include Oak Steakhouse, Antico, The El Felix and many more. 

General admission is $125 and VIP tickets are available for $250.  All proceeds benefit Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry For tickets go here.


Full list of participating restaurants:

Antico Pizza Napoletana

Bantam + Biddy


Bocado Burger Bar

Caffé Gio

CRU Food & Wine Bar

The El Felix

Goldberg’s Bagel Company & Deli

Kona Grill

Marlow’s Tavern

Oak Steakhouse


Ted’s Montana Grill

The Pimento Cheese We Can’t Get Enough Of In Atlanta


Photo Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

It’s Southern Eats Week on Atlanta Eats!. And if anything screams the South, it’s pimento cheese. This lunchbox staple for many, has found a new home on many of the best menus on town. And what Atlanta chefs are doing with this Southern spread is mouthwatering. Here are our picks for the best in Atlanta.

Fox Bros BBQ

The way you really need to experience Fox Bros’ take on pimento cheese is with their ‘burger’.  Brisket is pilled high on a toasted bun with jalapeno mayo, pimento cheese and red onions. Click here to see them on Atlanta Eats.


Empire State South

Served as part of their In Jar appetizer, which features: Boiled Peanut Hummus, Deviled Ham with Pickled Mustard Seeds, Trout Mousse, Pimento Cheese with Bacon Marmalade, and Pickled Vegetables.


Photo Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

Sweet Auburn BBQ

When you head to the new Poncey-Highlands location of Sweet Auburn BBQ, you’ll find their pimento cheese in wonton form. And to make it better, there’s some bacon jam marmalade and Thai sweet chili sauce on the side. Come at me.

Pimento Cheese Wontons2 - Bacon  Marmalade and Sweet Thai Chili Sauce.jpg

Photo Credit: Jessie Parks


Everyone knows Watershed for their fried chicken. But they’re doing right by other Southern faves. Their take is available in ‘log’ form as an appetizer and baked into the cornbread.

Pallookaville Find Foods

Two slices of white bread, lettuce, tomato and pimento cheese It doesn’t get more down home delicious than that. Add slices of thick cut bacon? Honey, please..

PallookavillePimento Cheese2

Photo credit: Jim Stacey – Pallookaville Fine Foods


7 Days of Fried Chicken Heaven

FriedChScreen2 Shot 2014-07-31 at 3.27.54 PM.jpg


Atlanta is a town that LOVES their fried chicken. And every night of the week there’s some fantastically juicy, crunchy and delicious fried bird to be found. So, we did some exhausted, and very tasty, research to find the best bets for fried chicken each night. 

So, who’s down for a Southern Fried Chicken Crawl?!


Monday: One Eared Stag

Every Monday Chef Robert Phalen is serving up platters of fried chicken in Inman Park. The skillet fried chicken is incredibly juicy and well flavored. And the price makes it one of the best deals in town. For $15 you get three pieces with two sides and a biscuit. For $22 you can get a whole chicken and $32 gets you two. The sides change every week and include anything from grits to braised red cabbage.

Tuesday: The Colonnade

It doesn’t get much more old school Atlanta quite like an early supper of fried chicken at The Colonnade. And when we say old school, we mean it. They’ve been serving Atlanta for nearly 90 years.  Complete your meal with yeast rolls and sweet tea and you’ll know why this is your Mom’s favorite restaurant.

Wednesday: Watershed

Watershed on Peachtree has received so many accolades that it’s no surprise they should be a stop on your fried chicken crawl. It’s only available on Wednesdays and in a limited amount, so get here early! The chicken is soaked for 24 hours in buttermilk and then fried in ham hock flavored fat, which results in a ridiculously tasty meal. And good news for Atlanta, Watershed recently began extending their fried chicken service to Wednesday lunches.

Thursday: Star Provisions

It should be no surprise that the team behind Bacchanalia is also serving up some of the best chicken in town. Available to go, it makes a great addition to a picnic basket or to simply inhale in the car en route to said picnic. Cooked up in a cast iron skillet with pork drippings, it had incredible flavor that you’ll be thinking about long after you finish licking the plate.

Friday: General Muir

Known for their bagels, pastrami and burgers, The General Muir is serving up a fantastic fried chicken on Friday nights. Todd Ginsberg has definitely made this his own. Inspired by Korean style fried chicken, he brines the chicken, then cools it and tosses it in a mixture of cornstarch and flour. Then he steams the chicken before frying it. This results in a thin crust that is incredibly crunchy and flavorful. He only cooks up a small number each Friday, so get there early!

Saturday: Table and Main

Tucked away in an old house on Canton Street in historic Roswell, Table and Main is serving up Southern staples the way they should be done. All natural local birds from Springer Mountain are used to create their famous dish. The fried chicken is piled high on a plate of collard greens specked with ham. This is definitely their ‘Wow dish.’ On a beautiful night, grab a seat on the patio under trees and order the fried chicken with a bourbon cocktail. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Sunday: Buckhead Diner

Head to The Diner on a Sunday. This is one of only two days that they serve their fried chicken. Crisp and not at all heavy and served with traditional sides (we’re partial to the mac ‘n cheese), it’s the perfect Southern Sunday Supper.

 For more irresistible fried chicken, check out the video below! 


Preview – Episode 412

This week on Atlanta Eats first up we stop by Holeman & Finch Public House to taste that classic burger and get a lesson in Southern Hospitality. Next Southern Art & Bourbon Bar in Buckhead. Last up we head to downtown Lawrenceville where gastropub Local Republic is in full swing with Southern inspired pimento cheese.

If you’re not hungry….and thirsty, you’re not paying attention!

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Korean BBQ, Southern Cornbread and…..Chinese Takeout? | Best Things We Ate This Week



At Atlanta Eats, we…well…eat. A lot. And each week, we’re sharing the dishes that stand out the most.

If you want to show off your culinary prowess, be sure to tag us on Twitter at @AtlantaEatsTV and use #BestThingIAte. If we choose your submission, you’ll win dinner for 2 at one of our favorite places in town!

Korean BBQ at Honey Pig


Smokehouse Cornbread at King & Duke


Black Grouper at Ink & Elm


Chinese Takeout at Common Quarter

*This is our user submitted photo of the week. Congrats Wendy , you’ve won dinner at one of our favorite spots in town!



7 Can’t Miss Things at Taste of Atlanta


VIP Speaker’s Corner With Greg Best

The Cocktail King of Atlanta will be holding court in the VIP Speaker’s Corner. He’ll be hosting two days of boozy speakers including Chris Reid of Hop City, Frozen Pints and a discussion of everyone’s favorite Southern treat with Four Roses Bourbon!


Because tacos..

Tupelo Honey Cafe

The soon-to-come-but-not-soon-enough restaurant out of Asheville will be giving Atlantans a first taste. Munch on Goat Cheese Grits and Shrimp in Red Pepper Sauce (both gluten-free).

Friday Night Kick Off

To kick off the weekend of culinary bliss, Taste of Atlanta is throwing a shindig in Midtown called Culinary Matrimony. Enjoy unique bites, tasty cocktails and live music from Electric Avenue. Each chef will have a partner of their choosing; whether it be a farmer, cheese maker, an artist or even fellow chefs. You’ll definitely want to say ‘I do’ to this!

Throwdown Tent With Mara Davis

Our very own Mara Davis is hosting this year’s Throwdown Tent which pits chefs and restaurants against each other for culinary supremacy. Math ups include: Fried Chicken Face-Off with Chef EJ Hodgkinson of JCT. Kitchen vs. Chef Zachary Marcoux of The Bishop vs. Chef Kojahra Thompson of Max’s Wine Dive, Ron Eyester and Linda Harrell battling in the Meat Brawl and a Taco Takedown with Mi Cocina and Escorpian.

Ice Cream Bar

Craft ice cream with a boozy kick? Oh yes! Indulge in grown-up flavors including Bourbon Butter Pecan, Mojito Sorbet and White Russian.

Winning a Dream Day of Dining

The Atlanta Eats team will be holding it down all weekend. Look for our tent to enter to win a Dream Day of Dining. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner at your choice of restaurants in Atlanta. Bagels at The General Muir, an afternoon burger at Bocado and a porterhouse at Chops? You got it! Plus, the first 50 people to show they follow us on Twitter will get a special prize!

Hungry yet?? Grab your tickets to Taste of Atlanta here. We’ll see you this weekend!


There’s Nothing Scary About This Halloween Recipe

Atlanta Eats | Mom Thyme


Alright busy moms, fire up your Crock-pots, because I’ve got a slow cooker chili recipe you and your family are going to love this Halloween! For many moms, the scariest part of Halloween is figuring out how to get everything done and still feed your family a nutritious meal before all the festivities begin. With this slow-cooker chili recipe that’s simple, straight forward, and SOO GOOD, your Halloween’s going to be a lot less frightening! With all the chili recipes out there (let’s face it, there are lots!), what makes this the perfect Halloween meal for your family? 

No Four Alarm Fires Here! – This delicious chili has just a slight kick to it (but, is still kid-friendly!) and all you chili-heads can easily adjust the heat with various hot sauces, extra sliced jalapenos, or additional green chilies. Whether your crowd likes it mild or hot, this chili recipe will have your guests scraping their bowls and lining up for seconds!

Fix It and Forget It – This chili can be prepared up to two days in advance or you can even make it way beforehand and freeze it for up to one month! Just throw everything in the slow-cooker on Halloween morning (if the chili is frozen, thaw it completely before adding it to the slow cooker) and the chili will simmer away for hours while you run those last minute errands (e.g. additional candy, costume fixes, extra beer and wine for the parents!). Serve alongside shredded cheese, sour cream, and scallions and you’ve got dinner covered. To go the extra mile, serve with plenty of homemade cornbread and Fritos for Fritos Chili pie – YUM!!!

This Chili is an Instant Classic – Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of chili recipes that include “novelty” ingredients like pumpkin puree, cocoa, coffee, etc. While those recipes may come and go, this chili recipe is an instant classic that you’ll be making for years to come (who knows, it may even become one of your family’s yearly Halloween traditions!). 

A universal crowd pleaser and the ultimate comfort food, this is one great chili recipe that you’ve got to try! Enjoy!

Easy Slow-Cooker Chili Recipe

Makes 6 Servings 

For the chili:

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 medium yellow onions, medium dice

1 medium red bell pepper, medium dice

6 medium garlic cloves, finely chopped

¼ cup chili powder

1 tablespoon ground cumin

2 pound lean ground beef (you may also substitute lean ground turkey)

1 ½ teaspoons kosher salt, plus more if needed

1 (28-ounce) cans diced tomatoes

1 (14-ounce) can tomato sauce

2 (15-ounce) cans kidney beans, drained and rinsed

¼ cup coarsely chopped pickled jalapenos or green chiles, drained

For serving:

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Thinly sliced scallions

Sour Cream

Heat the oil in a large frying pan over medium heat until shimmering. Add the onions and bell pepper, season with salt, and cook, stirring occasionally, until softened, about 8 minutes.

Add the garlic, chili powder, and cumin, stir to coat the vegetables, and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add the ground beef and measured salt and cook, breaking the meat into small pieces with a wooden spoon, until the beef is no longer pink, about 7 minutes.

Transfer the mixture to the slow cooker, add the diced tomatoes and their juices, tomato sauce, and beans, and stir to combine. Cover and cook until the chili thickens and the flavors meld, about 8 hours on low or 6 hours on high. NOTE:  Not all slow-cookers are created equal, if yours cooks at a higher temp, check it after 4 hours.

Stir in the jalapenos or green chiles. Taste and season with salt as needed, and serve with the cheese, scallions, and sour cream.

Recipe and photo courtesy of

Easy Chili Recipe

Weekend Lunch Dates Fit For a Quarterback


Photo courtesy of

When football season is in full swing, Matt is not available for weekend lunch dates. The nerve! So, when the off-season arrives, our favorite thing to do on a Saturday or Sunday (or both) is to take advantage of all the great restaurants in the Atlanta metro area. 

While going out for dinner will always be my favorite “hobby,” the lunch date is making a strong case for itself. It’s hard to beat a nice patio, sunny skies, great food and drinks, and of course my favorite company.  We always struggle to pick from among all the tempting options, but this past off-season, we were able to enjoy two “new-to-us” spots that we really loved and kept going back to.

First up: Einstein’s in Midtown. We had driven by it enough times that we were intrigued.  Its patio was always bustling, and there always seemed to be a line of people waiting to get in.  We decided to give it a try.

I’m so glad we trusted our instincts. The atmosphere, service and menu could each have me exclaiming for paragraphs and paragraphs.  I highly recommend trying to snag a seat outside, but the interior is just as welcoming. They also have a great bar area with TVs if you want to watch UGA beat up on an  SEC rival while you eat.   

The menu is big, with plenty of delicious options for everyone.  We have loved everything we have tried, but some of our favorite items are the calamari, fried green tomatoes, Mediterranean burger, sesame tuna salad, chipotle salmon and the pork tenderloin.  I’d also recommend a Bloody Mary to wash it all down – Einstein’s makes a terrific one.

After eating yourself into a food coma, it’s always nice to get a little fresh air.  Every time Matt and I go to Einstein’s, we make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes so we can stroll through Piedmont Park afterwards.  We love to walk the park, check out the farmer’s markets and other events, and then find a bench so we can people watch (my second favorite hobby).

Next up: Leon’s Full Service in Decatur.  We love Decatur, with its boutique stores, coffee shops and restaurants to explore. Weekday traffic can make it hard for us to get there as much as we would like to, so we try to make the most of it on the weekends. 

Leon’s has a very casual and relaxed atmosphere.  The staff is friendly and the service is great.  Nothing outshines the food, though.   

The menu is creative gastro-pub food.  You could easily make a meal out of sampling a few of their delicious appetizers, such as their mussels, shrimp, or perhaps most remarkably, BACON IN A GLASS!! 

The entrees and sandwiches are can’t-miss, though.  I love the trout, and most recently, Matt had the burger with a chickpea salad, and I had to steal liberally from his plate.  We lucked out with a beautiful day when we were there, and took advantage by sitting outside. 

On the tip of Mara Davis, we went to the Dekalb farmers market after one lunch.  Neither of us had ever been before, so we were excited to check it out.  This place has it all.  High-quality meats and produce, flowers, wines, international foods…you name it! The prices are low and the selection is huge.  A must if you’re in Decatur. (

So there you have it – just two spots Matt and I love to visit when we can, as each promises a terrific meal and an easy excuse to enjoy the many splendors of life in Atlanta.


Tuesday Great Call | Grand Champion BBQ


Deciding on where to eat can be tough in a city as full of great spots as ours. That’s why, every Tuesday we’re making the call, and giving you the inside scoop. This week’s Great Call is Stats.

When You’re Going

In the South, every day is a good day for ‘cue! Head in there late on Sunday afternoon to avoid the crowds and be sure to stay until you’ve had your fill of pulled pork and pecan pie.

Where You’re Sitting

The best place to sit in any BBQ spot is where you can best smell the smokey perfume. And at Grand Champion that spot is anywhere.

What’s in Your Glass

Sweet tea, y’all. It’s just like mama made it.

What’s On Your Plate

We were introduced to Grand Champion at this year’s Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. Whispers went through the crowd that a stand was serving up some ridiculously good pulled pork. Not surprisingly, we made a bee line for it. We loved the pork, but the mac ‘n cheese was inhaled. Fast. So, this is what you need to load up on. A dinner of nothing but mac ‘n cheese, is totally acceptable, right?

For more info, check out Grand Champion here.




A Weekend of Oysters On The Beach




The weekend of November 7th – 9th, you can find us at the beach stuffing our faces with oysters and craft beer! 

The annual Hangout Oyster Cook-Off returns to Gulf Shores, Alabama. And this year, Atlanta will be representing in full force. Not only will our own Steak Shapiro be a celebrity judge, but plenty of Atlanta chefs will be making the journey to show off their oyster supremacy. Included are:

Smoke Ring BBQ – Jordan Wakefield 

Food 101 – Justin Keith

Octopus Bar – Angus Brown

Bone Lick – Michael LaSage

The Pig & The Pearl – Todd Richards

Hammock Trading Company – Jason Sheetz

Here 2 Serve – Tom Catherall 

Atlanta Eaters Chef of the Year -Tyler Williams

Tickets start at $25. For tickets go here.

Lobster Fest Claws It’s Way to Atlanta




On Sunday, November 2nd, The Atlanta Lobster Festival will be clawing it’s way to Candler Park. 

From 1-6 enjoy live music, games and all the seafood you can handle. Participating restaurants include Atlanta Fish Market, The Bishop, Rosebud, Cypress Street and more. Admission includes 10 food and drink tickets and you can buy more on site. 

General admission is $25 and VIP packages start at $85. For tickets go here.

Herradura Double Reposato Barrel Program

Alma Cocina was the first restaurant in the Southeast to travel to the agave fields of Casa Herradura in Mexico to hand-select its barrels of Herradura Reposado tequila. And now, they have done it 12 times.

Earlier this year, Atlanta Eats tagged along with their latest journey and saw the incredible process of making the world class tequila that Herradura produces. From riding horses through the fields of agave to tasting barrels of tequila to get the perfect blend, join us for a journey you won’t soon forget.


Born in Osaka, Chef Tomo Naito originally came to the US to study theatre in New York. While working in restaurant to pay for school, he quickly saw that his true love and passion was in the kitchen. After graduation, he quickly set out on the path to become one of the nation’s leading purveyors of modern Japanese cuisine.  After working in such cities as NYC and Las Vegas, he brought his talents to Buckhead.

And boy are we glad he did! Bringing with him his dedication to sourcing the freshest ingredients available, Tomo changed the way we looked at sushi. The beauty of the plates brought out are like works of art on your table. Fish melts on your tongue and it’s impossible to not want more.


Tucked into the oldest neighborhood in Atlanta, Inman Park’s Fritti is bringing old school pizza to Atlanta. This Inman Park staple is the culinary triple-threat; Neapolitan pizza meets the perfect patio meets an incredible wine list. From the classic Margherita to new twists (hello, calamari on pizza!),  the ingredients are always the highest quality.