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Bama Rolls, Storm Troopers March and The Best Athens Eats | Steak’s 7 Things

7 Things I'm Sure Of | Atlanta Eats


  1. That no one who visits the college football hall of fame will come away with anything other than great things to say. The wall of helmets is just the first of a ton of cool things that make this Sports Hall of Fame the most interactive in America                                                                                                                                                                                   College-Football-Hall-of-Fame
  2.  South City Kitchen is still as solid and tasty as it was when it opened a decade ago.  Fried Chicken, delicious sandwiches, tremendous sides and cool drinks, go get your Southern vibe on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    southcitychickenandwaffls
  3. Alabama fans will make the folks at restaurant row on Marietta Street really happy this weekend with frequent stops and dollars spent at Dier Biergarden, Max’s Pizza and of course the nation’s best sports bar STATS for 3 solid days. And it’s only going to get better when ‘cue comes in the form of Twin Smokers next month! Oh yeah, Alabama 37-13 in a game not as close as the final score.                                                                            STATSPWP_9503_retouched_2-820x545_c
  4. The Dragon Con parade on Saturday morning is absolutely freaky and absolutely entertaining and absolutely something the kids will dig.  I would however avoid hanging out with too many “Storm Troopers” the rest of the weekend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Imperial_stormtroopers_-_Dragon-Con_2008_-_Parade_123
  5.  If you are trying to impress out of towners here for the race, football, concerts or Pride event, there is no spot that shines quite as bright as St. Cecilia in Buckhead these days.  Everything about the room, the scene, the vibe and the food screams that Atlanta is a dining city to be reckoned with.stceciliapasta2
  6.  Clemson fans should make reservations at a really tasty dinner they will enjoy in Athens after the game because they will not have much to cheer about when it is actually going on.  Final score Georgia 31 Clemson 17.   Where can the drown their sorrows? Our recs are  Cinco Y Diez, Five & Ten, and Cali ‘N Tito’s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      dejectedclemson
  7. The best medium rare full of flavor and drippy delicious burger I have had in awhile was at Buckhead Diner with some superb crispy fries.  Oh yeah the fried chicken is only served on Sundays and Wednesdays and is worth making a special trip for as well.                                                                                                                                                                  BDBurger

Platters of Sweets, Clams, and Bowling Alley Fare | Best Things We Ate This Week


At Atlanta Eats, we…well…eat. A lot. And each week, we’re sharing the dishes that stand out the most.

If you want to show off your culinary prowess, be sure to tag us on Twitter at @AtlantaEatsTV and use #BestThingIAte. If we choose your submission, you’ll win dinner for 2 at one of our favorite places in town!

Chicken Sandwich at Painted Pin

What happens when a restauranteur and advances sommelier, want to open a place to hang out? They open a bowling alley for grown ups! From the food to the drinks, everything is top notch. And the chicken sandwich? Well, when someone told me that this was better than Chick-Fil-A, I had to do a double take. Them’s fightin’ words right there. But then I took a bite, and another. And just like that, this is what I’ll be craving on Sundays.


Guacamole at BarTaco

It’s a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people. And the food? IT’s the real star of the show. The guac is everything that it should be; creamy, a little chunky and above all, fresh. It’s served with full tortillas fried up, that you can break apart into chips. Or just eat an entire tasty treat all at once, no judgement. It comes in a few different sizes. Our suggestion? Get the largest size and double the order.


Clams at The Bishop

Keep your mussels, I’ll take clams. The Bishop, in Avondale Estates is serving up North Carolina clams with a Sweetwater beer reduction, and spicy Andouille sausage. And of course there is griddled bread to dip it all in . Oh, and what I said about mussels?  Actually, no I’ll take both!


Pulled BBQ Chicken at Greater Good

Can you tell it was a sandwich kind of week? The smoked chicken at Greater Good in Buckhead satisfied a major craving for a pulled chicken sandwich this week.

GGChickenSandphoto 4

Dessert Platter at Hal’s

When Steak Shapiro goes for dessert, he goes all in. This dessert platter at Hal’s brought it all; cheesecake, chocolate cake, creme brulee.  Bathing suit season, what??




Unleash Your Inner Julia Child | Mom Thyme

Atlanta Eats | Mom Thyme


After graduating from culinary school, my first “real” job was in a little French restaurant working the Garde Manger station (salads, charcuterie boards, pâtés, etc.). One of the dishes I was responsible for was a Warm Frisée Salad that consisted of sautéed mushrooms and lardons, a red wine vinegar reduction mounted with butter, and a poached egg perched high atop a grilled crostini (and yes, it was as delicious as it sounds!!). While I can’t even begin to tell you the countless dozens of eggs I poached for that one salad, I’ll never forget the top five tips and techniques for poaching eggs that I learned along the way: 

Start with VERY FRESH, VERY COLD eggs –  The fresher the egg, the better it will coagulate and there will be less feathering of the egg white once it hits the water

Break your egg into a small ramekin or teacup first, then gently place the egg in the simmering water.  Be sure not to overcrowd your eggs in the pan. 

Make sure that your water is at a simmer, NOT BOILING – this is SUPER IMPORTANT! 

Don’t forget to add a few teaspoons of distilled white vinegar – it will help with the coagulation process

If you mess it all up, just start over, it’s only an egg after all! 

Back when I was working that Garde Manger station, I would poach the eggs to order and would simply eyeball everything (never using an exact recipe). Now that I’m a mom and am usually poaching multiple eggs for my family (hello, Eggs Benedict!), I’ve been using Alton Brown’s recipe below for Perfect Poached Eggs. I love this recipe because it’s super-duper easy, foolproof, and does produce perfect poached eggs each and every time. If your family enjoys poached eggs as much as mine does, this recipe is a surefire keeper that you’ll always want to keep on hand. Enjoy!

Perfect Poached Eggs

Makes 4 servings

4 large eggs

1 teaspoon kosher salt

2 teaspoons distilled white vinegar

Pour 1 ¼ inches of water into a 12 inch non-stick skillet and add kosher salt and distilled white vinegar. Bring water to a boil. Meanwhile, crack each individual egg into a small ramekin or teacup (you will need 4 ramekins or teacups). Turn off heat and let water reduce to a simmer. Then carefully drop each egg into the simmering water. 

Cover the skillet and set your timer for 5 minutes. Don’t peek, poke, stir or accost the eggs in any way. Remove the eggs with a slotted spoon and serve immediately. Alternatively, move the eggs to an ice bath and refrigerate up to 8 hours. Reheat in warm water just before serving. 

**If you prefer the egg yolk to be a bit more done, remove eggs from the water after 6 minutes. 

Recipe courtesy of Alton Brown


BeltLine Wine Stroll


On Saturday, September 27 from 1 to 5 p.m., you can sip wine at over 20 restos, including but not limited to, The Luminary, Two Urban Licks and Serpas, along the Eastside Trail of the Atlanta BeltLine during the second annual BeltLine Wine Stroll. Proceeds will benefit Friends of Inman Park and its mission to support phase two improvement projects at Springvale Park as well as the Inman Park Security Patrol

To buy tickets, head here.

Our Favorite Pooch Friendly Patios


 You love beer, you love patios and you absolutely adore your sweet dog. So, where can you enjoy all of these together? Well, Atlanta is full of spots. Here are a few of our faves.

Lucky’s Burger and Brew

This is not just dog friendly, it’s nearly pup mandatory. This Roswell burger spot was opened in 2010 so that owner Ernie Geyer could have a spot with treats his Golden Retriever (Lucky, of course) and brew for himself.

Across The Street

This Mexican joint in Inman Park treats everyone who walks through their doors like family, and that includes the 4-legged kind. While you nosh on Goat Cheese Enchiladas, Fido will love basking in the grass on their side patio. atsdog

Park Tavern

Probably the best view in the city, the Piedmont Park staple has been attracting pups and their humans for years. The perfect spot to refresh with a house brewed beer after a run in the nearby dog park. parktavernpatio

Midway Pub

If you’re in East Atlanta and have a craving for some tater tots and a side of soccer, this pub will hit the spot. The breezy patio will provide water for your furry baby and farmer’s market inspired cocktails for you. midwaypubpatio

Photo courtesy of and Amy Sinclair


Another spot on the Atlanta BeltLine, this Inman Park stable will allow you to sit right beside the path filled with dogs and their humans. You can sit outside near the market and nosh on baked goods and buy a few for Fido as well. parishside                                                                                            Photo courtesy of

Cypress Street Pig Roast

Pig Roast 2014 8.5x11 (o)

Cypress Street Pint and Plate will host its annual end of summer pig roast on Saturday, August 30, 2014 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Now in its seventh year, join the Cypress team on their expansive patio for a day filled with fantastic fare, ice-cold SweetWater brews and live music. Of course, a pig roast is nothing without its star attraction – a 100lb. succulent, whole hog, that Cypress will once again smoke overnight for everyone’s feasting pleasure.  Hungry attendees have the option of  purchasing individual plates of pork and the fixings or anything off of the regular Cypress menu.

For more information on Cypress Street, go here.

Locurean’s Bye Bye Ben’s Big Brown Bag


From the Locurean himself:

‘It’s about that time, y’all. Time for another Gastro Gnome Grub Club “Grub Sesh!”

Join us at Irwin Street Market on Thursday, August 28 from 6:30pm until the cows come home (aka whenevs) to celebrate our buddy Ben, the genius proprietor and chef behind the best thing to ever hit the Westside, Ben’s Brown Bag. To our great dismay, he’s splittin’ town with his family and moving to Seattle. Let’s send him off in true Grub Club style by chowin’ down on his delectable goodies one last time.

Just like our last event at Ladybird, we’ll start the party with a casual cocktail hour, chock-full of Wild Heaven brews and Yo My Goodness juices. We’ll also have live music and bites of Ben’s famous pb&j sammies, le duh!

Our family-style meal will include Ben’s signature Brasstown Beef Burgers and Sloppy Joes, as well as the beloved Boom Chicka chicken sammies, with a couple top secret elaborations and all kinds of sides and handmade toppings. An incredible mater sandwich will serve as our principal vegetarian option for the night.

Various mind-blowing, alcoholic and non-alcoholic Jake’s Ice Cream shakes from The Sipologist will round out our much-anticipated (by us, and probably you…) shindig.

If you were lucky enough to enjoy Ben’s Brown Bag before, this is something you just can’t miss. If you’re new to the game, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should most certainly not pass up.’

For more information and to buy tickets, go here.

Midtown Restaurant Week Returns


Midtown Restaurant Week returns! For nine days, between September 6th and September 14th, enjoy the best of what the Midtown dining scene has to offer. Each restaurant will offer a fixed menu for $15, $25, or $35.  For a full list of restaurants, go here.

KR Steakbar

Kevin Rathbun’s fourth Atlanta restaurant is a fine addition to his eponymous Rathbun’s, Kevin Rathbun Steak, and Krog Bar. KROG isn’t the official acronym for “Kevin Rathbun: Original Gangsta.” Not yet, anyway.

Steakbar sits in the Peachtree Hills neighborhood, and the first thing Kevin Rathbun fans will notice is…it’s really light, compared to his restaurants in Inman Park, and that makes it feel a little less intimidating. While Mr. Rathbun’s signature steaks are still on the menu, along with classics like fried artichokes with lemon, Steakbar ventures into classic Italian cuisine with pasta, mozzarella salad, and pappardelle bolognese.

As with all great restaurants, you don’t go there for the quiet. If you want that, Atlanta has many fine libraries. So you can expect a noise level that will vary from night to night — if you’re going during a celebration season like father’s day, graduation, or at any time during December, you’re going to be sharing the room with large parties that aren’t always using their inside voices.

In something of a culinary coup, Chef Rathbun convinced Top Flr alum, Tres Bullard to sign on to manage the beverage program, so you know that the cocktails are going to be outstanding.

Swallow at the Hollow

If there’s one thing the South does with more enthusiasm than anything else it’s probably barbecue. With eight good months a year for cooking out, and plenty of local farms to source hog from, we can cook a pig like you wouldn’t believe.

Up in Roswell they’re making an art of it at Swallow at the Hollow, a little place on Green Street that cooks the ‘cue sauce over the hot coals, and sends out a macaroni and cheese that should be on your Atlanta food bucket list.

Slathered is the word of choice when it comes to ribs and sauce, and that’s exactly the deal here. Baby back ribs, with a good sticky sauce glazed onto it over the coals. Or pulled pork with your choice of sweet, vinegar, or mustard based sauces. Or all three. The combinations are endless.*


Editor’s Note: The “endless” combinations of meats and sauces mentioned here could actually be calculated by someone smarter than anyone who works for Atlanta Eats, and is more interested in doing the math than putting food in their pie-hole.

Hop City

Touring the world with the U.S. Coast Guard allowed Kraig Torres, the owner of Hop City, to drink his way across the world. And for that, Atlanta thanks him! In 2009, he brought his passion, or maybe obsession is the right word, for beer to the West Side. From bottles of every type that fill your dreams, to Growler Town, this is truly a beer lover’s paradise.

To say that Kraig Torres loves beer, is VERY serious understatement. But, thankfully for us his love is only matched by his generosity. His goal is to share the passion for beer with Atlanta. Opening on the West Side in 2009, his was the first of it’s kind. Sure, we had grocery stores stocked with macrobrews and liquor stores with a selectrion of craft brew, but nothing like Hop City.

When you walk in to Hop City for the first time, you’ll have remind yourself to keep walking. You’ll stop in your tracks with eyes wide and mouth slightly open. Beer…so much beer. And yes, it will be overwhelming for most of us. That’s why Kraig and his incredible staff of self proclaimed beer geeks are there to help. Say you want something that tastes like Christmas, or need to impress that neighbor that thinks he knows everything there is to know about beer. Hop City’s staff will guide to whatever your heart, and taste buds, desire.

Oh, and did we mention Growler Town? Oh yes, and town is not an exaggeration. One of the first places in Atlanta to serve growlers, Hop City has 60 taps of delicious beer all for you. Now, what exactly is a growler? Well, it’s a 64 oz jug that allows you to take home beer, straight from the tap! That’s right, draft beer…at home! Genius! And the best part? And we’re not talking Miller Lite, either. The delicious nectar that flows from these taps are a mix of local and rare. Many are not even available in bottle! So, sit back and allow yourself to be transported to Heaven, er Growler Town!

The Iberian Pig

Edison bulbs, exposed brick walls, and a friendly staff. It’s everything a hip, new restaurant strives to have. The Iberian Pig, located in Decatur, offers this and much more.

The Iberian Pig’s menu practically replicates what one would find in the markets of Spain, truly transporting customers into a foreign, yet inviting environment. Cured meats, a Spanish tradition, are what make this spot worthy of your time. Prosciutto is so passé. Here, Serrano Ham, smoked chorizo, and acorn fed Iberian pig are served thinly sliced on rustic wooden boards. The fatty marbling of the meat alone is enough to mesmerize the eyes, but surely not enough to keep away from a hungry mouth.

A vast array of imported artisanal cheeses complements the charcuteria and an expertly selected list of wines help to complete any afternoon or evening at this Spanish hideaway. The restaurant’s mixologists are also happy to serve up some classic cocktails or some more creative compositions. However, our top pick: the traditional sangria with delicately muddled fruit, wine and spirits. It’s always a great evening on the patio of the Iberian Pig on a warm summer night.


Barcelona. For soccer-lovers, it’s the team that plays the most breathtaking, sublime game in the world. For art and culture-lovers, it’s the home of dozens of museums, including the Museu Picasso (which houses an extensive number of Pablo Picasso’s early works). For the residents of Inman Park, it’s a stylish tapas restaurant with a fantastic collection of Spanish wines, a beautiful patio, and an outside fireplace that makes the patio comfortably habitable in the winter.

The vibe at Barcelona is modern, it’s fast, it’s hip without being trendy, and it’s classic without making you feel like you’re in the dining car on the Orient Express. If you’re able to get a seat on the patio it’s going to be less noisy than sitting inside. But whether you dine inside or outside, the tapas menu is perfect for sharing on a date.

Want a bigger plate? Try Tile Fish la Plancha or Grilled Skirt Steak. You’ll thank us.

Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano

Glancing at the minimalist façade and industrial interior, you wouldn’t expect the dishes at Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano to be vibrant, complex and explosive; which is exactly what they are. The menu at Gio’s offers bold flavors showcasing their bone-in, moist, lemon infused chicken that is artfully used in a select array of dinner options.

Gio’s also serves fresh pastas, which they call Maccheroni Napoletani. Imagine an oversized macaroni paired with Italian cheeses, sweet and tangy marinara, and juicy heirloom tomatoes. This culinary experience comes full circle when ending dinner on a sweet note. While peach cobbler may be a favorite here in the south, you’ll not want to miss the Pastiera Napoletana, a ricotta based pie with a custard-like filling with a hint of cinnamon and sugar. Of course, like any “true to their roots“ Italian restaurant, Gio’s also serves the classic tiramisu.

If you want table service, you’ve come to the wrong place. Gio’s juxtaposes its fast food ordering system with five star plates such as the Sorrento Lemon Chicken. You’ll be served a half chicken paired delicately with sweet, roasted garlic, imported olive oil and wild oregano. Dining on the blue gingham covered tables will make you feel as if you’re at a chic Italian picnic; and what goes better with a picnic than beer, wine, Bellini’s or Prosecco?

The chefs at Gio’s masterfully incorporate Italian, French and Spanish influences to truly give the Atlantans an authentic Mediterranean experience. Order takeout “La Famiglia” style or enjoy the meal at Gio’s. Our only advice…get it while it’s hot, because once the pollo’s gone, it’s gone!

An Award Winning Cocktail, Stunning Salmon and Coastal Italian | Best Things We Ate This Week



At Atlanta Eats, we…well…eat. A lot. And each week, we’re sharing the dishes that stand out the most.

If you want to show off your culinary prowess, be sure to tag us on Twitter at @AtlantaEatsTV and use #BestThingIAte. If we choose your submission, you’ll win dinner for 2 at one of our favorite places in town!

 Sockeye Salmon at St. Cecilia

This was almost too pretty to eat….almost. While filming our Season 5 premier at St. Cecilia this week, we had a chance to taste this beauty. The salmon crudo was made of Sockeye Salmon, fig, preserved lemon, lemon juice and olive oil. And yes, it was as good as it looks.



L’Arrosto at Double Zero Napolitano

This is one of our favorite appetizers for a group. Roasted pork shoulder in cast iron for the whole table to share, served with house made condiments like,pizza nuvole, pickled
vegetables, sour apple sauce, arugula salad, pepper jelly, roasted garlic puree, and Calabrian chiles. Tuck all of this into a piece of fresh bread and dig in.


Cocktail at The Luminary

The Luminary just opened in Krog Street and it’s already making name on the cocktail circuit with head bartender Ian Cox. This concoction won him Bombay Sapphire’s Most Imaginative Bartender award. Made with Bombay and homemade horchata with citrus. It was out of this world.


Pasta at Gio’s

Sometimes you just need a big bowl of amazing pasta. While chicken is the star, don’t sleep on the pasta. Rustic Italian at it’s best.


Fried Chicken at Buckhead Diner

This is the South, y’all and we know our fried chicken. Head to The Diner on a Sunday. This is one of only two days that they serve their fried chicken. Crisp and not at all heavy and served with traditional sides (we’re partial to the mac ‘n cheese), it’s the perfect Southern Sunday Supper. Honey, hush…




Always Avoid the Kid’s Menu | Mom Thyme

Atlanta Eats | Mom Thyme


It was exactly a year ago that I wrote my first blog entry for Atlanta Eats titled Dinner for Two and a Half. At the time, I had an eight month old and thought I had the whole “dining with kids” thing completely figured out. Now that I’m older, wiser, and have a little more parenting experience under my belt, I’d like to share with you what I left out and some good tips I’ve learned over the past year:

  • Avoid the Children’s Menu – It seems like a no-brainer to order the $4.75 kid’s meal that consists of chicken nuggets, mac ‘n cheese, a drink and cookie, but is that what you really want your child to be eating? Dining in a restaurant is a great way to introduce your child to new foods (and no, I’m not suggesting that you order them a $30 entrée). Instead of ordering off the kids menu, order a smaller plate off the appetizer menu, a few side dishes such as a baked potato and steamed vegetables, or, simply share a portion of your entrée with them.
  • Clorox Wipes, Don’t Leave Home Without Them – I have the travel pouches of these stashed everywhere! You never know when you’re going to come across a crusty highchair, a table that needs to be wiped down, or, when you’ll need to sanitize a changing table before laying your little one on it. Stick them in your purse, diaper bag, car, anywhere you can, these are an absolute must!
  • Bring Appropriate Toys – You’ll want to keep your little one entertained while out at a restaurant, but make sure that the toys you take are not going to be a nuisance to others. While your precious pumpkin may love his child-size laptop that can count, sing, and tell stories in both English and Spanish, others will most likely find it super annoying! Leave any toy that makes a lot of noise at home.
  • Know When to Say When – The only thing worse than an unruly kid is an unruly parent! Don’t be that parent who rolls their eyes, chugs their wine, and ignores their child’s bad behavior – it’s not fair other diners or your child (especially if you’re at a restaurant past their bedtime). Before things get completely out of control, ask your server to box everything up, pay the bill (leaving a nice tip!), and get the heck out of dodge!
  • Put Your Sitter on Speed Dial – My little boy is currently going through a phase in which he’s a mini-Houdini who loves to escape the constraints of his high-chair and who I suspect may pitch for the Braves one day just from watching the way he can throw a sippy cup across the room. To sum it up, the only restaurant that I’d be comfortable taking him to right now would be one of those with large singing animals, cardboard tasting pizza, and a ball pit. In a few years, I’m sure that I’ll enjoy a nice dinner out with my little man, but until then I’ll keep my sitters on speed dial!

As you can see, I’ve learned quite a bit over the past year! Let me know, do you have any additional tips for dining out with small children?   

Kids Menu

Tuesday’s Great Call | Buckhead Diner



Deciding on where to eat can be tough in a city as full of great spots as ours. That’s why, every Tuesday we’re making the call, and giving you the inside scoop. This week’s Great Call is Buckhead Diner.

When You’re Going

Head to The Diner on a Sunday. This is one of only two days that they serve their fried chicken. Crisp and not at all heavy and served with traditional sides (we’re patial to the mac ‘n cheese), it’s the perfect Southern Sunday Supper.

Where You’re Sitting

While this isn’t your traditional diner, they still have beloved booths. Tuck into one and admire the art deco vibe. And if you take a look at the walls, you’ll see that no matter where you’re sitting, you’ll probably be rubbing shoulders with a celeb.

What’s in Your Glass

What’s better than a fried chicken supper? When it’s served with an Arnold Palmer that’s all grown up! This boozy treat is made with teas infused vodka, sweet tea, lemonade and mint simple syrup.

What’s On Your Plate

Ok, so you’re heading in for the fried chicken, but you really can’t leave without the Maytag Blue Cheese Chips. Buckhead Diner created these bad boys back in 1987 and Atlanta has not stopped craving them since.

For more info, check out Buckhead Diner here.




Green Chili Fest


On Sunday, September 21, Taqueria del Sol is joining forces with Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q to celebrate the arrival of the annual shipment of Hatch chiles from New Mexico. Held at the Howell Mill location of Taqueria del Sol, the Foxeria del Sol Hatch Chile Fest will benefit Hogs for the Cause, a nonprofit organization that operates as the premier funding source for pediatric brain cancer outreach services in the United States.

Foxeria del Sol Hatch Chile Fest is a tented block-party from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. featuring an array of food stations, Green Chile Beer from Red Hare Brewing, and live music. Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q and Taqueria del Sol have collaborated on a menu of sweet and savory dishes highlighting the flavor of the Hatch Chile, with vegetarian options available.

Foxeria del Sol Hatch Chile Fest Menu

Whole Hog & Hatch Green Chile Slider

Hatch Green Chile Frito Pie

Hatch and Burnt End Tacos

Hatch and Pimento Cheese Croquette

Hatch Chili Cheeseburger Slider

Pork Tacos

Chile Rellenos

Green Chile Enchilada Casserole

Green Chile Honeysuckle Gelato

Green Chile Brownies

Mini Apple & Chile Pie

Tickets are $25 per person, and include festival entry and unlimited access to food stations. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase separately. Taqueria del Sol’s Howell Mill location is located at 1200 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, Ga. 30318

For more information and to buy tickets, go here.

German Bierfest


The 11th Annual German Bierfest™ will be held on Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 2-7 pm at Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta’s German Bierfest was born out of the simple idea: have a day dedicated to enjoy German beer, food, and music. So, join thou sands of German beer and culture enthusiasts for over 50 types of beer, food and family-friendly fun.

For more information , go here.


Pigs and Peaches


Experience the mouth-watering aroma and delicious taste of smoke-cooked barbecue, savor every heavenly bite of sweet peach desserts, and take delight in every moment of fun at the City of Kennesaw’s Pigs & Peaches BBQ Festival.

The festival features a Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned BBQ contest, which is recognized as a Georgia State Championship event; as well as a Backyard BBQ, Anything Butt and Peach Dessert Contest. Over $16,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded to contest winners. 

Enjoy live music and family entertainment, a Kid Zone featuring inflatables, interactive games and other child-friendly activities, food and beverage vendors, and a street festival atmosphere of arts, crafts and general merchandise — including a selection of sponsor booths with unique products and services. Click here for details.