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Tweats of the Week 12/18/2012

by Duncan Connor

Did you ever wonder what celebrity chefs and restauranteurs think when the cameras stop rolling? We scour Twitter every week to find you the best of the chefs’ tweets.

Next Iron Chef – Episode 3

by Duncan Connor
next iron chef

In episode three, the eight remaining chefs were put into head-to-head matchups, and instructed to prepare a single bite; an amuse bouche that represented the personality of their opponent, as captured by photographer Todd Selby.

Ria Pell’s Chopped Viewing Party

by Duncan Connor
Chopped Logo

I arrived at Ria Pell’s Chopped viewing party at Sauced an hour late. I saw Fox Bros. BBQ, one of the restaurants catering Ria’s shindig, tweeted out a picture of their pork belly buns. That’s when I decided to drink up and head on over.

Next Iron Chef – Episode 4

by Duncan Connor
next iron chef

Last night’s continuing #nextironchef conversation on Twitter featured one chef openly tweeting while drunk about the attitude of a rival. It’s like elementary school with knives and liquor. So almost exactly like my elementary school.

Atlanta Dining Institutions

by Duncan Connor
Varsity and Atlanta Skyline

With so many landmark eateries to consider, putting together a list of a dozen iconic Atlanta restaurants turned out to be no easy task. But we did it. To kick off a season of highlighting the great dining experiences Atlanta has to offer, we’ve prepared a list of restaurants that are quintessentially Atlanta.

Atlanta’s New Restaurants

by Duncan Connor
The Optimist

Restaurants come and go in Atlanta — Hector Santiago’s Super Pan closed its doors this year, but chefs and restauranteurs continue to open new dining rooms to give us great culinary experiences. Here, in no particular order, is a small selection of the many fantastic restaurants that have opened in Atlanta in the last 12 months.

Sides to Savor!

by Serina Patrick
Iberian Pig Manchego Mac n Cheese

Sometimes, the sides that accompany a dish are so amazing they become the star of the plate. From comfort food to modern fare, here is a list of some of Atlanta’s most intriguing and flavorful sides.

Take It Outside: Patios We Love

by Serina Patrick
Canoe has an amazing view.

Atlantans enjoy an exceptionally long outdoor dining season. Whether it’s people watching you crave or the warmth of the sun on your skin, Atlanta has a variety of patios to fit your outdoor dining mood. Although we are in the midst of winter, these are the patios you’ll be flocking to when spring arrives!

The Sunday Morning Cure

by Serina Patrick
Flying Biscuit Brunch

Nothing remedies Saturday night’s misdeeds better than a plate of bacon, with a side of more bacon. And perhaps a little hair of the dog….after 12:30pm of course.

No Kings, No Clowns, Just Burgers

by Duncan Connor
Burger at Moxie Burger

One of the simplest and most divisive dishes on any modern American menu is the burger. In no particular order, Atlanta Eats presents a dozen burgers from a dozen restaurants that give you a punch in the patties.

Shopping Fuel: Where to Eat Near Malls and Boutiques

by Duncan Connor
Lenox Square by Caroline Hornig

In the middle of all the shopping insanity, it’s easy to get angry with your fellow shoppers, but that’s usually just because our blood-sugar levels are lower than Barry White’s voice. So take an hour for yourself and get a bite to eat that will make you feel more human, and full of the spirit of the season.