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Jazz Up Your Friday With This

by Mary Kennon Lewis

  Over the next few weeks of Lent, many of us will be eating our fair share of fish dishes. But, let’s face it, sometimes all those fish dishes can get, well, a little boring! This is especially true if the usual toppings for your fish are 1) a squeeze of lemon juice, 2) tartar […]

#SnOMG 2015: Restaurant Openings And Snow Day Deals

by Krista Miller

Ok, Atlanta, there’s something bearing down on our fair city. Whether we get 8 inches of snow, some ice or just a ton of rain , it seems like most people have a snow day. Now, there’s no reason to drive if it’s dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you need to stay inside! Here is […]

Atlanta Eats’ #SnOMG Survival Guide | Stock Up Like a Local

by Krista Miller

  Well, Atlanta, it looks like we’re going to be getting some #SnOMG  this week. With classes and businesses already planning on being closed for a few days, it’s time to stock up on supplies! All of this weather can be really tough on all of the wonderful local businesses we are blessed with. So, instead […]

Cupcake ATMs and Deep Fried Goat Cheese | Best Things We Ate This Week

by Krista Miller

  At Atlanta Eats, we…well…eat. A lot. And each week, we’re sharing the dishes that stand out the most. If you want to show off your culinary prowess, be sure to tag us on Twitter at @AtlantaEatsTV and use #BestThingIAte. If we choose your submission, you’ll win dinner for 2 at one of our favorite […]

Surf? Turf? You Can Have Both!

by Krista Miller

Sometimes you want surf, and sometimes you want turf. And if you’re at Norman’s Landing, you can sandwich form! Double fist both the Maine lobster roll and the reuben and you’re in for the best meal in the area.  

Oh This? Just The PERFECT Pot Roast Recipe!

by Mary Kennon Lewis

Hey busy moms, are you still searching for THE PERFECT pot roast recipe? By perfect, I mean one that’s fork-tender, melts in your mouth, AND gets two thumbs up from your husband and kids. If the answer’s yes, I’ve got a Slow Cooker Beef Pot Roast recipe just for you! I discovered this recipe a […]

A Beer Dinner To Beat The Cold

by Krista Miller

  Per Food 101: “In the South, indulging in decadent food is one of winter’s only redeeming qualities. However, with the dawn of spring around the corner, green creeps back into the landscape and our diets. On Thursday, March 5, Executive Chef Justin Keith, Sous Chef Cooper Sweat and Atlanta’s favorite beer critic Ale Sharpton will […]

Illegal Food Now Serving In Virginia Highland

by Krista Miller

*Note: Story updated to include another day of burger devouring awesomeness  Oh, happy day! Illegal Food is finally serving hungry Atlantans. The former pop-up inside of Joystick Game Bar is taking over the former Bar Meatball space in Virginia Highland.  Fans will be happy to know that favorites including ‘The Hank’, ‘Fungus Among Us’, and […]

Just In Time For Fat Tuesday, Cajun Mike Brings Us Gumbo!

by Cajun Mike

“crawfish pie and a file’ gumbo”- Hank Williams There’s Creole and then there’s Cajun. The origins of the word are a little confused. Is it Creole, is it Cajun? Does it come from New Orleans, does it come from Acadiana? Some in Mobile claim ownership. Are the recipes West Indies slave or the exiled Acadian’s, or a […]

A Little Taste of NOLA in the ATL

by Krista Miller

Just in time for Mardi Gras, it’s time to check some fabulous cajun food right in our fair city. And where do we go when we get the craving for poboys with a twist? Straight to the Crawfish Shack!

How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Neighborhood By Neighborhood

by Krista Miller

  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And we’re about to hit panic mode when it comes to snagging those prized reservations. But, what if this year, you did things a little different? What is this year, instead of traveling clear across town, why not explore your own neighborhood? There are so many incredible […]

A Very Cheesy Valentine’s Day

by Mary Kennon Lewis

      Valentine’s Day is this Saturday and, this year, I challenge us all to think outside of the standard red heart-shaped box when it comes to exchanging gifts! Rather than buying the same old boring chocolates and chalky candies with pre-written messages like “You’re Sweet”, I’m going to say “I Love You” by […]

The Best Dishes On Buford Highway | Best Things We Ate

by Krista Miller

This week, we made the most delicious journey down Buford Highway while filming our season 4 finale. We barely scratched the surface of the incredible things that this stretch of road has to offer, so stay tuned for more!

Cheeseburgers In Paradise And Other Loves | What’s Eating Jeff Dauler

by Krista Miller

  If you’re a commuter in Atlanta, and one that is prone to getting stuck in traffic, you know Jeff Dauler’s voice very well. As a longtime member of The Bert Show, he’s made those drives to work bearable. This author has to admit to sitting in her car  to finish laughing until her face […]

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